How important is colour for your brand identity?

When a User Interface designer first sits down with a client, one of their first questions will be, “What qualities does your business want to be known for?” In the case of say a real estate agent, the answer might be, “I want to be known as someone you can trust”.


For years, scientists have been studying the way we react to colours.  Certain colours make us feel a certain way about something and as long as the user interface designer knows what these colours and emotions are, they can use that information to help present your business in the right way. These are not hard and fast rules but smart designers will use this information to the client’s advantage.


The Colour Emotion Guide
This colourful infographic by the Logo Company, lays out the emotions and qualities that well known brands like to be known for.


Colour psychology is only one part of the puzzle though, but before you commission a UI designer for your new logo, mobile app or website, make sure they have a good understanding. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of portraying the wrong qualities and sending out the wrong message if the colours don’t work. That mistake could cost you a lot of money in re-branding down the track.