What’s a “Conversion Event”?

Conversion Events

Traditionally, in ‘marketing speak’, conversion is the act of converting site visitors into paying customer, and whilst  conversion rates are most often associated with e-commerce sites, it should be something that matters to everybody involved in designing a website or mobile app.

However, conversions do not have to be actual sales, but can be any other action a user takes that matters to your business, such as customers;

  • Spending a certain amount of time on your website .
  • Reading a certain number of articles or watching a certain number of videos.
  • Requesting more information about a service you may provide.
  • Signing up for a subscription.
  • Becoming a registered user of your website.
  • Downloading trial software, and using it – perhaps even up until the trial ends.
  • Downloading your mobile app to their phone – that they use it; and better still, that they are still using it a week later.
  • Downloading a whitepaper that entices them to consider making a future purchase.
  • Returning to your website more than ‘n’ number of times during a particular period.
  • Entering their credit-card details for easier checkout in the future.
  • Upgrading from one level of a service to a higher level.
  • Using a certain feature of your application – especially a new or an advanced feature…. or any other metric that you can unambiguously count.

To make more out of your existing traffic, this is where A/B testing can help.